CCTL’s status as a pioneer  in every aspect is firmly entrenched for innovatively utilizing technology delivering state-of-the art infrastructure support. CCTL holds the distinction of being the first e- terminal in India and to have achieved an in-house electronic solution to the documentation requirements of the trade. To further say a little more, the services & methods offered are emulated as a case example in other terminals and ports in India.

Terminal Operating System: CCTL uses an in house developed Terminal Operating System ie Zodiac which is maintained and developed by DPW HO and is widely used in DPW terminals

  • Zodiac container management software is used for capturing real time information of containers getting discharged, loaded, gated in, and gated out and also shifting to different locations in the yards.
  • Zodiac application used for planning also optimizes productivity by managing and maintaining terminal business transactions and data processing while accurately recording and invoicing all transactions and services.
  • Zodiac application automates billings, data exchange and reporting functions while capturing a complete history of all transactions and work.
  • Dynamic reporting capabilities put key information at the terminal managers' fingertips, enabling them to track performance, improve customer service and increase profitability.

In short the “e” enabling has covered Form 13,  SSR, Web access, Web based CRM, Invoice & account statements on the web, continuous carting for special containers, streamlined gate cut-off, web based container tracking system, on line facility for Vessel Operators to file IAL/VIA, Interactive voice response system that provides information about container and billing status.

Value additions abound with user-friendly systems, enhanced safety & security of cargo and convenient online transactions for conducting business.

Apart from above, we have implemented IFS (Integrated Finance system) and Spine Payroll. The Spine payroll module takes care of Payroll computation of the organization.

In order to enhance and tighten the safety and security of the terminal security, surveillance cameras with recording facility and access control with biometric system are placed at all critical areas. We have established an excellent VHF Communication system in the terminal and other locations of CCTL for smooth operations. Professionally trained IT personnel are available on 24 hours a day 7 days a week basis. There is an ongoing process of investments for new systems, upgrades and latest technology to adopt the global best standards and practices.